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Pastor and Wife
Sr. Pastor Robert Kennedy and
his wife Mrs. Kennedy.

Pastor Kennedy's Biography
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The Theluscas

Assistant Pastor Joseph Thelusca and his wife Mrs. Thelusca.

Pastor Thelusca's Biography
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From the Senior Pastor's Heart
Leadership and Power
It was always fascinating to speak to one of my nephews as he was growing up. Among the topics we pursued was what he wanted to be when he grew up. He would always say, “A policeman.” When we asked “Why?” he gave us varied answers until one day he blurted out, “I like the power.” We did go on to explain that that was not a very good reason for becoming a policeman. Because we had known of a lot of persons who seek to lead are only because of the power. We have seen them, prime ministers, presidents, governors - politicians of sorts, and pastors, principals, teachers, medical administrators, etc., and persons with lesser influence, all caught up in the exercise of power. As Reinhold Niebuhr used to take note the world is caught up in “the lust for power.” Of course, power is not to be thought of in all negative ways, for “Power means different things to different people.” For some persons, the more power they have, the more successful they feel. For others, power is seen as the capacity to control, rule and dominate others. Those who view power in these directions need to know that such is the corruption of power. There varied sources of power. There is power that comes from God. He give us the authority (Gk. exousia), force (Gk dunamis), and the strength (Gk storge) to live and do his will. He is the one who gives the spiritual anointing, inspiration and charisma and gifts so that we can to his service. Like the prophet Zechariah said it, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” (Zechariah 4:6). Those who understand the divine as the source of their power will use his power with humility. They will use his power to serve. They will constantly depend upon God so that their power will always be sustained. Another source of power is that given by people who give us the privilege to lead. They might elect us, appoint us or delegate us a responsible position so that we can serve them. The president of the United States has power because he receives from the people. This is democracy. His job is to represent the people well until he returns to ordinary citizenship. Unfortunately to many persons are not willing to allow for the legitimate power offered by the people, they manipulate and cheat their way into positions of power, using every means of abuse and violence. In this it is good to remind ourselves that God will certainly judge anyone who usurps and abuse power. So whether in the religious or secular sphere let us use power to glorify God.

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